WEBB AUCTION -​ P.O. BOX 298141 - WASILLA, AK. 99629  E-mail   Office: 907.352.5144 or Cell: 907.232.0602
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"One auction company, one complete solution."
We've been serving Alaska and our customers since 1977.  We strive to keep accurate and current information on all our Auctions and Real Estate listings.   We welcome your calls and questions.  Toll Free 888.880.2445 or Jillyan at 907.232.0602
Contact us for a free consultation. Our staff are attentive and ready to help with your next auction. 
Let us know how we can help make your plans a reality. We look forward to working with you.
Our area of service is generally Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. In addition, we work on a referral basis on Real Estate with Century 21 A to Z  and other auctioneers all over the country. Our staff is ready to look at your property, advise as to the manner by which it should be marketed, propose the marketing plan and project the outcome.

"One auction company, one complete solution."
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Red Barn Auction House
June 19th
July 3rd 
July 17th
July 26, 2014 - 10AM​